Top 10 Most Beautiful fish in the world

Top 10 Most Beautiful fish in the world

10. Betta

This fish has to be on this list for all the right reasons. They are one of the most beautiful fish that the majority of the people own. 

These fish were originally from Thailand and Singapore. Unfortunately, these fish are bred to make fights with other male betta fish since these fish are very aggressive. Hence the name “Siamese fighting fish”

FYI: If you are buying betta fish, make sure you keep only 1 male betta per tank. (Above sentence is the reason)

Betta fish are labyrinth fish. This means they can breathe oxygen through their gills as well as directly from the air.

There are many different types of betta fish and few of them show beautiful vivid vibrant colors and have very unique tails. Few types have a very dull color too to adjust to their natural habitat which is paddy fields.

9. Symphysodon discus

This is one of the most beautiful and cute looking fish there is. They are sometimes referred to as the king of the aquarium because of its jaw-dropping features. Another reason to call it by that name is because of its calm elegant nature like that of the king of the forest(lion).

They are originally from the Amazon river, and it is very difficult to look after as they need very specific water conditions.

When you see it from the front, they look very thin, but the side view makes you think how beautiful a fish can be.

These fish come in different colors but the red-colored fish is considered the most beautiful.

Since they look like a disc from the side view they are also named Discus fish. Another name is Pineapple fish

8. Regal Angelfish

When you read “Angelfish” in their name, its normal to assume they are beautiful. And regal angelfish is yet another angelfish which is a beautiful angelfish.

They are very hard to maintain in the aquarium as they have lots of “taking care of” that has to be done. If you decide to take it your tank, then they need a minimum of 100 gallons tank and always choose the one which was captured in the Indian ocean or the red sea. ( Fish caught in indo-specific usually are caught using chemicals and they die soon ). It is also recommended that you get this fish while it is still young since the adult fish find it hard to adapt inside the captivity.

They usually live alone or with their mate and they are always found nearer to coral reefs.

7. Lionfish

Lionfish are called by other names such as Scorpionfish, Tigerfish, and Dragonfish. It deserves to be called all the names it has been given. Right? I mean look at how beautiful it is.. ( I think zebrafish can also be given as its name )

These fish are originally from the pacific ocean. Also, they have come to the NorthAmerican ocean and can be seen in a large number. That is because they are highly adaptive to any environmental conditions plus point for them is they don’t have predators that can kill them.

FYI: They lay eggs once in every week reproducing anywhere up to 30,000.

Lionfish are found being anywhere between 1.5 to 15 inches long.

They use their beautiful body to attract smaller fishes and eat them for their protein intake.

They also sting humans. Even though it is not venomous, they cause side effects like vomiting and nausea.

6. French Angelfish

This beautiful fish is native to the shallow reefs of the Bahamas, Florida, and the Caribbean. It looks quite different as a juvenile and has vertical stripes running down its body.

French angelfish looks like a blue bulldog :D. 

It has a lesser blue intensity on its face and the color starts to appear darker as it precedes with yellowish-white flakes all over its major part of the body. It has another yellow main color. Yellow appears around its eyes and starting point of its pectoral fin. Its wing is unique with a single-pointed structure moving out of its body to look like a tail.

When you decide to keep it in your tank, it is advised to keep only 1 per tank with other same-sized fish. These fish tend to become very territorial so it will need hiding spaces like thick bushes or rocks. The recommended aquarium space for this fish at least 100 gallons.

FYI: Introduce this fish to the tank after its tank mates are already in it to avoid territorial complexities that might arise between them.

5. Regal Tang

If you feel like you have seen this fish somewhere then you are probably right! This little blue regal tang become very famous when it was introduced to many people all around the world with the movie “Finding Nemo”

As you see the picture, They are vibrant blue with a yellow color pigmented in the tail and its pectoral fin. And even darker blue color which connects from their eyes to their tail.

They are called by many names including Common Surgeon, Palette Surgeonfish, Pacific Blue Tang, and Hippo Tang. I think they have left out the name “cute fish tang” (bummer)

4. Lagoon Triggerfish

This beautiful fish is the lagoon Triggerfish and it is also known as Picasso Triggerfish. It is named like that because of such amazing oil painted looking color. This one will leave its audience in “ahh!” moment.

If you keep looking at this fish, it almost looks unreal, it looks like there is a graphic 3d model inside the tank.

They are very outgoing fish and they recognize their owner like how a dog does.

They are originally from the pacific ocean and grow up to 10 inches. If you would like to keep it in your tank, make sure its at least 200 gallons. Since these are a very outgoing fish, that trait should not be overlooked and be kept with smaller fish because they become very aggressive sometimes.

3. Clown Triggerfish

This incredible clown triggerfish can be spotted instantly. They have a very different pattern over their body. Other fish flaunt their vibrant colors but clown triggerfish have only 3 colors which are white, yellow, and black. The lower half their body is dark with Pieris brassicae spots. The upper half is yellow with small black dots. They need a yellow or white stripe across their face with a yellow snout.

They’re very mischievous, often reclusive when they are small, but as they mature their personality completely changes that they become a touch more territorial.

To feed them you would need high protein food because they are a carnivore. Triggerfish need a big tank (at least 250 gallons), to permit them space to swim freely because they sure do grow more than afoot.

2. Juvenile Emperor Angelfish

Emperor Angelfish are a number of the foremost beautiful fish within the world. As a juvenile, it’s very different from the looks they’re going to have as an adult.

When they are Juveline, they have a black body and lightweight white/blue vertical lines on their face, they have 3 white curved think lines on their body, with thinner light blue curves in between.

As they become adults, they have yellow and blue stripes which stretch horizontally across their body. their coloring and patterning will completely change. This has fooled the people back in the 1920s to think they are a different species.

Emperor angelfish reach grows up to 16 inches, but in captivity, they typically grow to around 12 inches.

1. Mandarinfish

These fish live in the pacific ocean and as for now, this is the most beautiful looking fish out there in the ocean. They have very beautiful vibrant colors and that’s why they are also called Psychedelic goby. Mandarinfish is the only fish to produce its blue color (any other blue colored fish animal you find have colorless cells which only helps in reflecting the blue colors from them)

Mandarinfish is very difficult to care for as they usually eat only copepods in the ocean.

Mandarinfish are only 4-5 inches long if you ever to get yourself this fish in your tank, as far as other peoples experience it does eat freshly hatched brine shrimp and blackworms.

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